Clients within ClientView


Clients is the main tool within ClientView. Within a client record, you can store client information, document the products that you offer to each client, and establish client ratings.  The more information you record and analyze about each client, the clearer the picture of your practice becomes.  This information is vital for determining and ultimately establishing your ideal clients.


Adding Clients

Once you add a client, you can then establish a client record., with basic client data stored on the left and details are stored in the tabs on the right. There are a few ways to add clients:

Generating a Bulk import

To import multiple clients at one time, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the +Add button and select Import clients. Instructions for acquiring client data can be found within the import window. To learn more about importing clients, check out this article.

When importing data multiple times, ClientView will update any records with the data you are importing, whenever it finds a matching Unique ID  If no match is found, it will create a new client record.

Adding single clients

To add a single client, simply click the +Add button at the top right of the Clients page. You simply need to record a Name, Unique ID and Entity Type to add a new client to the list. 


Editing Client Data

Within the client record, there is a great deal of information that you can gather and record for future use. To access an individual record, click on the name of a particular client.


Client Information

Client Information is located on the left summary pane where all of the basic information for a client is organized: name, address, phone, email, website, primary contact information, client team, family and referral source. The Client Rating and Entity Type will also display just below the client's name. Entity Type is selected in the details tab, and to learn more about Client Ratings, check out this article.


Overview is the initial tab on the client record and the default view.  This section includes a summary of the products, opportunities and technologies associated with this particular client. There is also Products, Opportunities, and Technology tabs dedicated to these topics. 


The Details section tracks data important to understanding and serving your client.  

  • General information, including industry, annual revenue, and number of employees
  • Advisors - investor and insurance agent information
  • Shareholders - salary and distribution information
  • Banking - debit and asset account information
  • Payroll and Employee Benefits - benefits and plan data
  • Insurance - plan information for health, life, disability, property, and casualty 
  • Tax - number of employees, the industry, payroll, etc. 


The Insights section consists of information pulled directly from the other areas of the client record and is used to generate a report that can help you better meet the needs of your client. Data in the Insights Report reflects information entered on the Details and Technologies screens and can be generated for both clients and prospects.


The Opportunities tab includes a list of products that may especially appeal to that specific client. Whether it's to offer clients additional products with revenue tied to them, or simply move clients from one technology to another to make it easier for your firm to interact with them, Opportunities help to identify ways in which you may want to change the way you work with clients.


The Products tab identifies which products a client uses and the fee and billing frequency associated with the products. For information on how to set up your products section, check out this article.


The Technology tab stores the information about technologies the client uses to work with your firm. The technologies are broken down by the various functions that they provide and are limited to just those technologies selected in the personalization area. For information on how to set up technologies, check out this article.


The Notes tab is a text area to add any additional notes that don't necessarily fall under any of the other categories. Notes on a prospect record (another section of ClientView) will remain with that record after a prospect has been converted to a client.


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