Bulk Edit



The Bulk Edit feature, which is only available in the Client component of ClientView, allows you to edit multiple client records at once.  This feature can come in handy when you need to add a common product, technology, or manager to a set of clients. The Bulk Edit button is located in the upper right-hand corner of the Client list page. Selecting this button presents the client list with a checkbox to the left of the name, as well as a main checkbox  that allows you to select the full list.  


Bulk Edit allows you to take the following actions for selected clients:

  • Add a product
  • Add a product bundle
  • Add a technology
  • Add an opportunity
  • Add to a family
  • Assign a partner
  • Assign a manager
  • Update industry
  • Update entity type
  • Update referral source
  • Update status

Applying a Bulk Edit to Clients

In the example below, we will select several clients and assign a manager responsible for the clients. To access the Bulk Edit mode:

  1. Navigate to Clients and click on the Bulk Edit icon in the top right corner (hovering over each icon will display the name of that button).
  2. Select the clients to edit by checking the box next to each client.                                              Note: If you wish to select the entire client list (or the filtered client list that is displayed) check the top box located to the left of the Name column.  A check will appear in all of the client boxes.
  3. Choose the action to perform, the details that apply to that action, and which clients to update. 

The objective for the figure below is to select a handful of clients, choose Assign a Manager from the With selected dropdown, and then select the user to assign from the Select a manager dropdown.


After clicking Apply, a status bar at the top will show the Saving status and turn green with the text "Saved" when the process is complete. Depending on the number of records edited, this may take several seconds.  

Things to Consider

  • Filtering before switching to Bulk Edit will only display the filtered results. To see all clients in Bulk Edit mode, remove the filters from the Clients page.
  • For adding a Product or Product Bundle, select the product or product bundle name. It will leave Team Member and Billing Frequency blank and a fee of $0. This provides the ability to add a product or product bundle to many clients at once and then filter by that product to edit the billing frequency and amount on the client records.
  • Any update from Bulk Edit will overwrite what exists on the client record.
  • The Products, Product Bundles, Technologies and Industries only include items the firm has selected when personalizing ClientView. Family and Referral Source lists can be edited/added to within the Picklists area when personalizing ClientView.


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