Client Teams



The Client Team is the group of your firm employees that interact with or on behalf of the designated client. The use of Client Teams helps provide transparency within a firm by organizing and displaying the firm's employees on each client record. Firm employees can be labeled as partners or client managers on the client record to convey the relationship between the firm employee and client. 

The Client Team is within the summary pane on a client record. There will be a + icon if there is a product or role that has yet to be assigned. Once a team member is assigned, their profile image will show up under the Client Team label. 


Adding a Team Member to a Client Record

To add a team ember to a Client Team on their record:

  1. Choose the + icon button to add a team member to a client record. A form will open prompting for a team member selection and a role assignment.  Role assignments can be Partner, Manager or any product within a bundle or ad hoc product. In the example below, Basic is the name of a Product Bundle with Advisory and Bookkeeping products within the bundle.mceclip2.png

  2. After saving, the Client Team selection will display with the profile photos of staff assigned to that client. To view the responsibilities, mouse over the employee photo.


Client Teams are added automatically when firm employees are assigned as team members within the Products tab. 



Client Teams can be bulk edited from the Clients page. To get more information about Bulk Editing, check out the Bulk Edit article found here. Client Teams can also be used to filter clients; if you need more information about filters, click here.


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