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Client Ratings is a tool within ClientView designed to help you define and elevate your ideal clients.  The star-rating column appears beside the firm name when viewing all clients and also displays beneath the client name when viewing a specific client record.

The Client Ratings column generates transparency across a firm's clients by allowing the firm's top and bottom tiers of clients to fully stand out, for better or worse.  This visibility better enables your firm to make specific decisions based upon these ratings. For example, a firm may decide to raise fees, terminate or change services for clients that fall within the 1- to 2-star rated portion of clients. Likewise, firms with 4-5 star rating may generate conversations about their commonalities and how best to attract more like them. 

Note: It is important to note that low-rated clients are not necessarily bad clients, they may just not be in line with the desired direction of your firm.  

Establishing Client Ratings

All staff members in your firm with a Rootworks login, and therefore access to ClientView, have the ability to rate clients.  While you can view the rating history for each client, the most recent rating is the one that will be on display in ClientView. Therefore, it is imperative that your firm have a unified firm-wide understanding of how clients should be rated and who is ultimately responsible for finalizing that rating.  This keeps the scale consistent and provides more meaningful data for your firm. It also presents an opportunity for continuing or establishing clear communication within the firm, a hallmark of a modern firm. Let's get started!

The first step to rating clients should be to review the Rootworks-established set of criteria and decide whether or not your firm wishes to make any modifications.  As a baseline, we have created ten questions - spread across three categories:

  1. Services (3),
  2. Finances (3), and
  3. Relationships (4) 

These questions are straightforward and general enough to meet the needs of most firms. Each of the questions has a 0.5 star value, which aggregates to a potential total of 5 stars.  There are three ways to rate each statement:

  • Yes- this positive answer counts towards the potential 5-star rating 
  • No- this negative answer counts against the potential 5-star rating 
  • N/A - this neutral answer eliminates the question and it does not count against or towards the rating

Note:  If the answer is left blank, this response WILL count as a "No" response and count against the potential 5-star rating.  

If you decide that a question is not applicable, N/A, then more weight is given to the remaining attributes.  


After carefully reviewing the pre-established rating criteria, your firm should then decide whether or not to make changes to the criteria.  To modify the rating questions, navigate to: Firm Settings -> ClientView -> Client Ratings Questions.


Note: As with all Firm Settings, only Firm Partner and Firm Admin users have access to alter the ratings questions. However, Firm Staff users who work with the client should be involved in the rating process to ensure the ratings are accurate and that everyone is informed of how the client interacts with the firm.

To edit an individual question:

  • Select the black Edit button beside the appropriate question
  • Highlight the existing question and replace it with your desired text. A question and description are required to save the changes. 
  • If you do not have a replacement question but would like to make it not applicable for your firm, type N/A in the question field and replace the description with clear instructions for future raters. 


  • Select the Save button to save changes.  You always have the option to revert back to the original question by selecting the revert button to the right of the Edit one.

Note: It's a good idea to navigate back to the Clients section of ClientView to verify that the criteria has been modified to your firm's specifications.   

Rating Clients 

After you have taken the time to become familiar with the process and made firm-wide decisions regarding the criteria set, you are ready to rate your clients. This part of the process is straightforward and should go quickly. 

Note: It is important to note that ratings have to be completed for each individual client and cannot be imported from a spreadsheet. Nor can they be assigned using the Bulk Edit feature. 

In the Clients section of ClientView:

  1. Navigate to the client record and click on the name to open the full record.
  2. Click on the rating scale to access the popup list of questions that feed into the client rating. 
  3. Entering a "Yes", "No", or "N/A" response for each question. Look out for specific instructions from the Firm Partner who may have modified the criteria.  For example, select "N/A" for questions that have been globally deemed to be not applicable. 
  4. Press the Submit button and your score will be aggregated for you.




Checking the Rating History

If a client has been previously rated, click on View History to see a history of the client's ratings. It will show the change, the timestamp, and the team member who made the update.


The most recent rating will overwrite the prior ratings. This is another reminder of why it is important to have firm-wide established criteria and process for rating clients.  


Exporting Client Ratings Data

While it is not possible to import client rating data, this data can be exported to a spreadsheet. This exportation allows for frictionless data analysis.  To export a subset of the data to a spreadsheet, you have to first create a view that allows you to filter by client ratings. 


To create, apply and use a filter: 

  1. Start with the View set to All Clients. 
  2. Select the Filter icon and press on the +Filter button 
  3. Choose the column heading from the list, then define the value for the heading that correlates with the desired view.  For example, if you only want to see 1-2 star client ratings, the defined value for Ratings would be "Is less than or equal to two".
  4. Press the Apply button and the display list will dynamically change.
  5. From there, go to the All Client View and select Save as... from the right-hand Action menu.
  6. Choose a descriptive and unique name (like 1-2 star clients) 
  7. Choose permissions - who will be able to see this View.
  8. Press Save.
  9. The View will now be available from the drop-down list and can used to export a data subset. 

To export the filtered data, select the Export button. From there, you can choose to open, download, or save the file; using it with your spreadsheet application of choice. 



For more information on Filters, please click here. 



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