Column Display in ClientView



While using ClientView to gain insight within a client base, it may be helpful to reorganize the column arrangements or adjust which columns display from the client records. Arranging columns also allows for more specific views to fit specifications. To learn more about views, check out this article.


To arrange and edit columns, click on the fourth button in upper right-hand corner of the Clients page.  This button, with two vertical lines and a vertical arrow, will launch the Arrange Columns popup window.


The table on the right presents the columns that are currently displayed for each client record.  The table on the left presents the list of additional columns available from which you may choose.

  1. To remove a column from display, click the x next to it in the right-hand table. The x will turn red and the selected column will return to the left-hand table of available columns. This make it quite easy to fix any columns removed by mistake. 
  2. To add a column, click the + next to it from the left-hand column. By default, this new column will be added to the bottom of the display list.  
  3. You can rearrange the order of the columns by clicking into desired column field. When the hand icon appears for your cursor, click on and drag the six-squared to the left of the column name.
  4. If you cannot find a column that you wish to add to your view, use the search box below Available Columns to quickly locate the column among the available options.

Note: The Name and ellipsis menu (...) columns are the only two that cannot be removed.




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