• Importing Clients into ClientView

    You can import client data into ClientView from a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet must be generated from the ...

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  • ClientView - QuickBooks Online (QBO) Integration

    The integration with QBO syncs basic client information between your customer records in QBO or QBOA within...

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  • Column Display in ClientView

    Overview While using ClientView to gain insight within a client base, it may be helpful to reorganize...

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  • Views

    A view is a feature within ClientView which you can use to preserve a combination of filters and column arr...

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  • Updating the Debt Tracker on a Client Record

    Overview  Through ClientView, it is possible to track debt owed to your firm by specific clients. To track ...

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  • Client Ratings

    Overview Client Ratings is a tool within ClientView designed to help you define and elevate your ideal clie...

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  • Prospects Overview

    Prospects are potential clients whose information can either be input manually by you or directly from a Ro...

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  • Prospect Notification Email Setting

    Overview When a lead submits the intake form on a Rootworks website, the information flows into ClientView ...

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  • Opportunities

    Opportunities are openings to pitch a client on a future action that you would like for them to take. This ...

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  • Products

    Overview Products are actually the services that a firm provides to clients. Viewing common services as pro...

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  • Adding Products to Clients

    Associating products with clients helps you to conceptualize exactly how you currently work with them, the ...

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  • Product Bundles

    Product Bundles are groups of products presented as a collection that can then be marketed to your clients ...

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  • Technologies Overview

    Technologies in ClientView are used to provide additional insights for better understanding how clients and...

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ClientView FAQ

  • ClientView Personalization & Setup

    ClientView is designed to gather data on your clients for the expressed purpose of improving your interacti...

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  • Exporting Clients for Email Platforms

    Exporting for Email You may find it helpful to use software such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc. for c...

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  • Exporting Clients from ClientView

    ClientView is the Rootworks customer relationship management (CRM) that can be used to store analytical dat...

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  • Picklists and Client Families

    Overview Picklists within ClientView are the saved values that allow your firm to further define your clien...

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